7 Days Until The New Era

The wait is almost over. 7 more days until Donald Trump gets sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. And the start of a new Era. That new Era is where The Oligarchy does not seem to be in full control. The voters have spoken. Voters have spoken and said “If you don’t want to give us the candidates we want, then we’ll give you on the you don’t want.”
To be honest, I didn’t like either candidate being offered by the Dems & Republicans. I voted for a more decent candidate that presented themselves through words and actions as being more closely aligned to my own values, philosophy, and beliefs.
But if you don’t support the candidate selected by The Oligarchy then you open yourself up to shaming, ridicule, and you are trivialize as is your decision-making process.
Instead of voting for someone that would have looked out for their best interest, even if a third party candidate, voters stayed at home. Now these people wasted their vote. Not those that went to the polls and voted for a third party candidate. The people that stayed home, that bought into the bullshit spewed by The Oligarchy about who is a legitimate candidate and who isn’t, wasted their vote.
As I stated before, I didn’t vote for either Clinton or Trump but voted for someone who was more in line with my own beliefs, values, and principles. I ignore those that tell me I am limited in my choices to those that deemed “legitimate candidates” by the Powers-To-Be. I don’t blindly follow the “the party line” and I definitely don’t put any political party before my country and human beings. I not only vote for who is in my best interest but I also subscribe to the idea “It is best to vote for who you want and risk losing than voting for who you don’t want and risk winning”.
Democracy isn’t just 1 person, 1 vote. Democracy is being able to vote for you feel is in your best interest. Not being forced or limited to the choices presented by a select few. I do not put political parties ahead of my country or human beings.
But in 7 days time we will have a new President that the majority have chosen while rejecting the one anointed by the Powers-To-Be. Will Trump cause them headaches or not? We’ll have to wait & see.