Making A Deal With The Devil

A great example of someone making a deal with the devil just happened recently. What was it you ask? Elizabeth Warren endorsed Hillary Clinton. Warren has been a vocal opposition to the practices of Wall St and Corporations. Warren has been a vocal proponent to the re-installation of Glass-Steagal. Warren has been a vocal opposition to the excesses of the Billionaire Class, a proponent of increasing the minimum wage & closing the inequality gap, and supporter to the repeal of Citizens United.

Bernie Sanders’ supporters have used Elizabeth Warren’s quotes to make their points as to what Bernie stands for and what they support.

Elizabeth Warren has been a supporter and proponent of everything Hillary Clinton has opposed at the start of her Presidential bid campaign. Hillary Clinton has a history of supporting everything that Elizabeth Warren opposes. I thought that Warren’s beliefs and values were more closely aligned with Bernie Sanders than with Hillary Clinton. So, why did Elizabeth Warren endorse Hillary Clinton? What was Elizabeth Warren offered for her endorsement of Clinton? We know what she gave up…her integrity. We can only hope that she didn’t lose much more than she gained but we don’t think so.

Doing what she did, for whatever reason may cause progressives to seriously doubt her motives and actions in the future and cost her their support. I hope she doesn’t use the lame excuse of wanting to keep Trump out of the White House. That reason is lame for the reasons I’ve outlined before. And some of us will make sure that Warren and everyone else does not forget what she did. Did she give in to political blackmail? All we can do is wait and see what happens in the future regarding Warren’s Payday Loan Regulation. Will the Dem Party now support her efforts? Will the ongoing assault on the CFPB suddenly cease?

Susan Sarandon weighing in on Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

We know from the German Legend of FAUST that deals with the devil never work out well for those that make those deals with the devil. We’ll just have to wait and see.