What if you were being manipulated?

This current election cycle is the strangest and confusing one that I have ever experienced. Lots of things have happened that make no sense and can’t be logically explained.

First and foremost is Donald Trump. Regardless of what you think of him this man is not a novice when it comes to speaking in front of TV cameras or handling publicity. So why has this man presented himself as a buffoon, a racist, and a psychotic? He’s always been careful to present himself as logical and thoughtful businessman. After all his income depends on his ability to attract investors.

The second strange phenomenon is even though Hillary Clinton has a low approval rating that rivals Donald Trump’s low approval rating, why does she have supporters that act as if she is the second coming of Christ? No matter what information, verified sources of facts, or videos of Hillary proving your point for you, they seem to be illogically supportive of her and just respond with a knee-jerk denial of what you present. They never counter with their own set of facts or sources…they just deny, accuse you of being a member of the opposition party, an operative of Karl Rove or other such things. How can this many people actually stop thinking?

Now I’m going to present my theory of what I think is happening. I have no proof just my opinion. What I present here seems to fit. I’m not one to be a great believer of coincidences. Here’s my theory…. Donald Trump is a Bill Clinton plant.

1. The Clintons and The Trumps are close friends. They attend the same events, they socialize within the same circle of friends and acquaintances. They have more things in common than not.

2. I think this is something that Bill Clinton put in place back after Hillary’s defeat in 2008. It was right after Barack Obama became President that Donald Trump started with his stunt about Barak Obama’s birth certificate. Do you ever remember Donald Trump being actively involved this way in politics prior to this? I don’t. This was to establish Trump into the political scene.

3. Now we fast forward to the 2016 Presidential election. It has been reported that the majority of the main street media are major donors of The Clinton Foundation along with most major corporations. The purpose of The Clinton Foundation is a topic for another time. But suffice to say that The Clintons have some Big Money invested in them. They are an integral part of The Clinton PR Machine that Bill has been honing since his second term as President. With that in mind, Bill “requested” that the main street media (MSM):

a. Give as much air time to Donald Trump as possible. Why else would they keep giving every tiny little thing he does/did so much coverage?

b. Hillary’s news coverage should be just about average and just keep pumping out the story that she is the presumptive candidate for the Democratic Party.

c. Give Bernie Sanders minimal or no news coverage at all. Can you explain how a candidate that draws thousand of supporters to his rallys is NOT news worthy? Even just to try to prove that the large numbers were made up. Nope. They were told to ignore him. Now the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz had to do their part. They were to do whatever they could to discourage Bernie Sanders and all other challengers to Hillary Clinton. Historically, it was Biden’s candidacy in that he is the sitting Vice-President. But he was quietly pushed back. I sympathize with Vice-President Biden’s loss of his son but I don’t think it was a factor in his decision.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC served 2 purposes. The first was to control the whole primary process while Bill handled the general election process. The second purpose was to take the fall if things went drastically wrong with the way they handled the primary process. None of it was to taint Hillary. It was already decided before the start of the 2016 election that the DNC and DWS would not allow a repeat of 2008. We’ve seen the primaries and all of the problems with the process that seemed to affect only Bernie Sanders and not Hillary Clinton. Do you really believe in coincidence?

But that’s the primaries. How has Bill taken care of the general election? As I stated above, I believe that Bill Clinton planted Trump and provided him with free news coverage/publicity. The sole purpose of Bill planting Trump was to scare people into supporting Hillary Clinton who would otherwise not do so. Even though Hillary Clinton is lacking as a legislator and is a miserable failure with diplomacy, one thing that she is exemplary at is being The Victim. We remember during Bill Clinton’s administration that every accusation or question about their actions was, according to Hillary Clinton, a “right-wing smear campaign” against them. And the American people believed it. That was the beginning of The Clinton PR Machine. Now, every time someone states that they can’t or won’t support Hillary they are accused of endorsing Trump or being instrumental in electing Trump to the Presidency, which they say will bring about the end of the world. Pure fear-mongering. When someone points out how corrupt and dishonest Hillary is they are told she is considerably better than Trump. As for the unwavering believers of Hillary Clinton? I call them Cultists because they act like those who belong to cults. And at the core of these “believers” are paid Clinton campaign staffers who do nothing but go out on the Internet to keep people from questioning anything Hillary does and push the message about how great Hillary is. There was an article published about how the Clinton campaign spent $1 million to spread The Clinton PR Machine propaganda to counter the facts and truth about Hillary. The general election campaigns, if it is Clinton vs. Trump, will not be about any issues it will be personal attacks. Trump being obnoxious and petty toward Clinton and Clinton playing the victim and calling Trump out.

All of the aforementioned points and ideas are just my opinion. I don’t know anything for a fact but it does go a long way to explain a lot of things about the current elections. I just don’t believe in coincidences.


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