The Email Mystery

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few months, you are aware of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server located in her private residence. There are enough opinions on both sides to keep everyone distracted for month right up to the election.

Seeing that the Committee on Benghazi didn’t result in any earth-shattering revelations, what is the big deal with the use of Clinton’s private e-mail? Many other Secretary’s of State used their own private e-mail accounts. What’s the big deal with Hillary Clinton’s e-mail then? Because it’s not that she used a private e-mail account but what she was doing while using that private e-mail server. The Committee on Benghazi went on a search to find something to incriminate Hillary Clinton. What were they looking for? Were they looking for something that Hillary Clinton knew and maybe encouraged the attack? What were they going to do? Prosecute her? They didn’t do that to George W Bush and there was overwhelming information that they were aware of a possibility of an attack in the US on 9/11.

12705723_1281328911883867_6771996448698215891_nYou see, the GOP are politicians. And they are corrupt politicians. They take money from wealthy special interests…a lot of money. But something has been happening over the last decade and half. More money has been going to another pair of politicians, a smaller group called The Clinton Foundation run by Bill & Hillary Clinton. A monetary clearing house, if you will. They spend a few million dollars on philanthropic endeavors just to keep the foundation “legitimate”. And that is a pittance compared to what they take in. But in reality the foundation is used as a deposit account for their “donors” (read clients) to make their payments into for The Clintons UNREGISTERED LOBBYING services. Services like securing arms contracts for the US defense contractors with foreign countries. Services like promoting fracking worldwide for the fossil fuel companies. How many others? We may never know because Hillary Clinton deleted a large number of e-mails without clearing it with the established security protocol.

That is what I believe the purpose of the Committee on Benghazi and current FBI investigation. To neutralize The Clinton’s corruption machine so that the other corrupt politicians can start getting a bigger share. To find proof that Hillary Clinton has been conducting lobbying activity for special interests (defense contractors, fossil fuel companies, etc.) while on the government payroll.

12645141_10154230670364316_6451543867040783408_nWe all remember the Wall St speeches and the clamor for her to release the transcripts of those speeches. They’ll never be released because they don’t exist. Think about it. What insight or new techniques could Hillary teach the Wall St executives? She can’t. The Clintons had to use “Speaking Fees” on their tax returns because they couldn’t use “Unregistered Lobbying Services” now could they? I think Hillary spent the majority of her time as Secretary of State as an unregistered lobbyist for special interests than she did in watching out for the interests of the US. THAT’S the proof everyone is looking for. Hillary collected the salary for Secretary of State while, I believe, she was paid by special interest groups to lobby worldwide on their behalf.

1919099_10156615496810231_4052994769203697033_nThe Clintons always have and always will operate under the their own rule of better to ask forgiveness than ask permission. And unless one of the parties to any of the unregistered lobbying activities come forward and come clean, The Clintons will, once again, get away with it. Never, ever doubt how smart The Clintons really are. Stupid people cannot put together a large machine for corruption and self-serving wealth as The Clintons have and get away with it. Remember, everything positive you hear about The Clintons is coming through that premier PR organization referred to as The Clinton PR Machine. Bill Clinton was referred to as the first “Black” President…because HE PLAYED THE SAX! And people bought it.


But that’s for another post.