The Thinking Progressive

This is the name of my newest blog, Thinking Progressive. Too many so-called progressives listen and believe what they see, hear, and read from the “liberal” Main Stream Media. A “liberal” MSM does not exist, they are all corporate owned. And corporations are not “liberal”. I have other actual progressive sources of information. Just to mention a few, there is HA Goodman, Debbie Lusignan – The Sane Progressive, Ed Shultz, Amy Goodman, and Thom Hartmann. There are a few more on The Ring of Fire Network. The reason I prefer my sources is because mine do not tell me what to think. Mine present facts and information, allow me to do my own due diligence & research, and then I can make up my own mind as to the validity of the information. And I will have the facts to support my conclusion. That being said, I will be posting my opinion about many political topics that will be categorized as EDITORIAL. Others that deal with a news item or situation will be categorized as ANALYSIS. I will not be allowing comments on this blog. Instead I will publish my posts on my Facebook group, Progressive America First. You are more than welcome to access that FB group to discuss the topic to your heart’s content.