Divisiveness getting worse

Well, the general election has been over for a couple of months now.  At this point you would think that everyone would come together and work toward a better tomorrow. Wrong!!  Seems like The Powers-To-Be (read Big Money) don’t want that and won’t allow it.

Big Money had already decided that they wanted Hillary Clinton in the White House and they didn’t care what the American people wanted. After all, the American voter was only needed to give the allusion of democracy.

They knew that they had a large number of “sheep” (those that vote the way their private political party tells them to and can’t  support their choice without using the political party’s talking points) to give them a good chance of getting their candidate into the White House.

After causing the elimination of the one candidate on the Democratic Party side and pretty much abandoning the opposition candidates (GOP) they were confident of keeping power. With Trump as the nominee they were still comfortable that Hillary would win while Donald would cause the opposition’s “sheep” to stay home.
Well, it didn’t work that way. There weren’t enough Democratic “sheep” concentrated in enough key states to carry the Electoral College.   Large numbers of the expected Democratic “sheep” stayed home. Even if the Republican “sheep” didn’t stay home in sufficient quantities, many voted for Donald voted for him because he didn’t represent Big Money interests. If he will or won’t in the future is yet to be seen. Let’s see what he does with the Congressional leadership, which we know is deep in the pockets of Big Money.
Americans decided to rebel against Big Money interests by voting for the candidate who was only running to insure Hillary’s victory. But their intentions may have been righteous but the results did little to change anything.  The voters should not only rebelled against the Big Money’s choice of candidates, but they should have ignored the rules that Big Money established (i.e. third party candidates were invalid and a waste of their vote, etc.).
The divisiveness in this country got worse after the election. They got the candidate they didn’t want and they are going to use havoc & dissenting in this country to get things back under their control. And they will be using the “sheep” to do the dirty work for them.  Once Donald “toes” the line with Big Money the divisiveness and agitation will miraculously go away. It did for Barack Obama…it will for Donald Trump.
But right now, as with Obama’s initial election as President you have person’s deep in the shadows working to undermine democracy and the will of the people. As with Obama’s first term, The Money is funding and ratcheting up the rhetoric to try to destroy Trump’s Presidency.
Let me be clear, I have no great love of Donald Trump.  The man is a buffoon and performing monkey. He only has an interest in himself. THAT is where he clashes with The Big Money. He doesn’t care to protect their interests, just his own.  Like with Barack Obama,  who was more interested in the first 100 days of his term to protect the interest of the country over The Big Money’s interest, Big Money will divide this country as many times and into as many opposing groups as necessary in order to insure the American voter is completely powerless in order to allow them to do whatever Big Money wants to do.  They would then face little to no opposition because everyone would be too busy fighting among themselves.
As I said, I don’t care about Trump one way or the other.  He’s just a performing buffoon. But I do care about the office of the President. Imagine, if you will, if all those who opposed Big Money, The Oligarchy, The Establishment, and/or Beltway Insiders had put their political affiliations aside and actually talked to each other, can you imagine how different the election could have turned out?  That this group of people could have come together to select their own people that more closely represents their values, principles, and beliefs and not The Oligarchy’s. That this group would not allow themselves to be divided into “us” and “them” and could have stood up to the oppressive Oligarchy.
There is only one “us” vs. “them” scenario…the “us” is the 99% average American and “them” is the 1% wealthy, powerful Elites.
I am neither Republican nor Democrat, I am an American.
I am neither gay, lesbian, or transgender, I am a human being.
And I am a citizen of The United States of America.  And as such I have rights…as do all Democrats, Republicans, gays, lesbians, transgenders, males, & females. The Oligarchy should not be allowed to splinter this country in order to benefit from the ensuing chaos.

The Email Mystery

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few months, you are aware of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server located in her private residence. There are enough opinions on both sides to keep everyone distracted for month right up to the election.

Seeing that the Committee on Benghazi didn’t result in any earth-shattering revelations, what is the big deal with the use of Clinton’s private e-mail? Many other Secretary’s of State used their own private e-mail accounts. What’s the big deal with Hillary Clinton’s e-mail then? Because it’s not that she used a private e-mail account but what she was doing while using that private e-mail server. The Committee on Benghazi went on a search to find something to incriminate Hillary Clinton. What were they looking for? Were they looking for something that Hillary Clinton knew and maybe encouraged the attack? What were they going to do? Prosecute her? They didn’t do that to George W Bush and there was overwhelming information that they were aware of a possibility of an attack in the US on 9/11.

12705723_1281328911883867_6771996448698215891_nYou see, the GOP are politicians. And they are corrupt politicians. They take money from wealthy special interests…a lot of money. But something has been happening over the last decade and half. More money has been going to another pair of politicians, a smaller group called The Clinton Foundation run by Bill & Hillary Clinton. A monetary clearing house, if you will. They spend a few million dollars on philanthropic endeavors just to keep the foundation “legitimate”. And that is a pittance compared to what they take in. But in reality the foundation is used as a deposit account for their “donors” (read clients) to make their payments into for The Clintons UNREGISTERED LOBBYING services. Services like securing arms contracts for the US defense contractors with foreign countries. Services like promoting fracking worldwide for the fossil fuel companies. How many others? We may never know because Hillary Clinton deleted a large number of e-mails without clearing it with the established security protocol.

That is what I believe the purpose of the Committee on Benghazi and current FBI investigation. To neutralize The Clinton’s corruption machine so that the other corrupt politicians can start getting a bigger share. To find proof that Hillary Clinton has been conducting lobbying activity for special interests (defense contractors, fossil fuel companies, etc.) while on the government payroll.

12645141_10154230670364316_6451543867040783408_nWe all remember the Wall St speeches and the clamor for her to release the transcripts of those speeches. They’ll never be released because they don’t exist. Think about it. What insight or new techniques could Hillary teach the Wall St executives? She can’t. The Clintons had to use “Speaking Fees” on their tax returns because they couldn’t use “Unregistered Lobbying Services” now could they? I think Hillary spent the majority of her time as Secretary of State as an unregistered lobbyist for special interests than she did in watching out for the interests of the US. THAT’S the proof everyone is looking for. Hillary collected the salary for Secretary of State while, I believe, she was paid by special interest groups to lobby worldwide on their behalf.

1919099_10156615496810231_4052994769203697033_nThe Clintons always have and always will operate under the their own rule of better to ask forgiveness than ask permission. And unless one of the parties to any of the unregistered lobbying activities come forward and come clean, The Clintons will, once again, get away with it. Never, ever doubt how smart The Clintons really are. Stupid people cannot put together a large machine for corruption and self-serving wealth as The Clintons have and get away with it. Remember, everything positive you hear about The Clintons is coming through that premier PR organization referred to as The Clinton PR Machine. Bill Clinton was referred to as the first “Black” President…because HE PLAYED THE SAX! And people bought it.


But that’s for another post.


Making A Deal With The Devil

A great example of someone making a deal with the devil just happened recently. What was it you ask? Elizabeth Warren endorsed Hillary Clinton. Warren has been a vocal opposition to the practices of Wall St and Corporations. Warren has been a vocal proponent to the re-installation of Glass-Steagal. Warren has been a vocal opposition to the excesses of the Billionaire Class, a proponent of increasing the minimum wage & closing the inequality gap, and supporter to the repeal of Citizens United.

Bernie Sanders’ supporters have used Elizabeth Warren’s quotes to make their points as to what Bernie stands for and what they support.

Elizabeth Warren has been a supporter and proponent of everything Hillary Clinton has opposed at the start of her Presidential bid campaign. Hillary Clinton has a history of supporting everything that Elizabeth Warren opposes. I thought that Warren’s beliefs and values were more closely aligned with Bernie Sanders than with Hillary Clinton. So, why did Elizabeth Warren endorse Hillary Clinton? What was Elizabeth Warren offered for her endorsement of Clinton? We know what she gave up…her integrity. We can only hope that she didn’t lose much more than she gained but we don’t think so.

Doing what she did, for whatever reason may cause progressives to seriously doubt her motives and actions in the future and cost her their support. I hope she doesn’t use the lame excuse of wanting to keep Trump out of the White House. That reason is lame for the reasons I’ve outlined before. And some of us will make sure that Warren and everyone else does not forget what she did. Did she give in to political blackmail? All we can do is wait and see what happens in the future regarding Warren’s Payday Loan Regulation. Will the Dem Party now support her efforts? Will the ongoing assault on the CFPB suddenly cease?

Susan Sarandon weighing in on Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

We know from the German Legend of FAUST that deals with the devil never work out well for those that make those deals with the devil. We’ll just have to wait and see.


What if you were being manipulated?

This current election cycle is the strangest and confusing one that I have ever experienced. Lots of things have happened that make no sense and can’t be logically explained.

First and foremost is Donald Trump. Regardless of what you think of him this man is not a novice when it comes to speaking in front of TV cameras or handling publicity. So why has this man presented himself as a buffoon, a racist, and a psychotic? He’s always been careful to present himself as logical and thoughtful businessman. After all his income depends on his ability to attract investors.

The second strange phenomenon is even though Hillary Clinton has a low approval rating that rivals Donald Trump’s low approval rating, why does she have supporters that act as if she is the second coming of Christ? No matter what information, verified sources of facts, or videos of Hillary proving your point for you, they seem to be illogically supportive of her and just respond with a knee-jerk denial of what you present. They never counter with their own set of facts or sources…they just deny, accuse you of being a member of the opposition party, an operative of Karl Rove or other such things. How can this many people actually stop thinking?

Now I’m going to present my theory of what I think is happening. I have no proof just my opinion. What I present here seems to fit. I’m not one to be a great believer of coincidences. Here’s my theory…. Donald Trump is a Bill Clinton plant.

1. The Clintons and The Trumps are close friends. They attend the same events, they socialize within the same circle of friends and acquaintances. They have more things in common than not.

2. I think this is something that Bill Clinton put in place back after Hillary’s defeat in 2008. It was right after Barack Obama became President that Donald Trump started with his stunt about Barak Obama’s birth certificate. Do you ever remember Donald Trump being actively involved this way in politics prior to this? I don’t. This was to establish Trump into the political scene.

3. Now we fast forward to the 2016 Presidential election. It has been reported that the majority of the main street media are major donors of The Clinton Foundation along with most major corporations. The purpose of The Clinton Foundation is a topic for another time. But suffice to say that The Clintons have some Big Money invested in them. They are an integral part of The Clinton PR Machine that Bill has been honing since his second term as President. With that in mind, Bill “requested” that the main street media (MSM):

a. Give as much air time to Donald Trump as possible. Why else would they keep giving every tiny little thing he does/did so much coverage?

b. Hillary’s news coverage should be just about average and just keep pumping out the story that she is the presumptive candidate for the Democratic Party.

c. Give Bernie Sanders minimal or no news coverage at all. Can you explain how a candidate that draws thousand of supporters to his rallys is NOT news worthy? Even just to try to prove that the large numbers were made up. Nope. They were told to ignore him. Now the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz had to do their part. They were to do whatever they could to discourage Bernie Sanders and all other challengers to Hillary Clinton. Historically, it was Biden’s candidacy in that he is the sitting Vice-President. But he was quietly pushed back. I sympathize with Vice-President Biden’s loss of his son but I don’t think it was a factor in his decision.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC served 2 purposes. The first was to control the whole primary process while Bill handled the general election process. The second purpose was to take the fall if things went drastically wrong with the way they handled the primary process. None of it was to taint Hillary. It was already decided before the start of the 2016 election that the DNC and DWS would not allow a repeat of 2008. We’ve seen the primaries and all of the problems with the process that seemed to affect only Bernie Sanders and not Hillary Clinton. Do you really believe in coincidence?

But that’s the primaries. How has Bill taken care of the general election? As I stated above, I believe that Bill Clinton planted Trump and provided him with free news coverage/publicity. The sole purpose of Bill planting Trump was to scare people into supporting Hillary Clinton who would otherwise not do so. Even though Hillary Clinton is lacking as a legislator and is a miserable failure with diplomacy, one thing that she is exemplary at is being The Victim. We remember during Bill Clinton’s administration that every accusation or question about their actions was, according to Hillary Clinton, a “right-wing smear campaign” against them. And the American people believed it. That was the beginning of The Clinton PR Machine. Now, every time someone states that they can’t or won’t support Hillary they are accused of endorsing Trump or being instrumental in electing Trump to the Presidency, which they say will bring about the end of the world. Pure fear-mongering. When someone points out how corrupt and dishonest Hillary is they are told she is considerably better than Trump. As for the unwavering believers of Hillary Clinton? I call them Cultists because they act like those who belong to cults. And at the core of these “believers” are paid Clinton campaign staffers who do nothing but go out on the Internet to keep people from questioning anything Hillary does and push the message about how great Hillary is. There was an article published about how the Clinton campaign spent $1 million to spread The Clinton PR Machine propaganda to counter the facts and truth about Hillary. The general election campaigns, if it is Clinton vs. Trump, will not be about any issues it will be personal attacks. Trump being obnoxious and petty toward Clinton and Clinton playing the victim and calling Trump out.

All of the aforementioned points and ideas are just my opinion. I don’t know anything for a fact but it does go a long way to explain a lot of things about the current elections. I just don’t believe in coincidences.